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Is Posh Fighting A Losing Battle With This Surprising Trend?

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Here's something to befuddle your fashion brain on this fine Monday: Is Victoria Beckham on a one-woman crusade to make sensible knickers a fashionable thing?

Let us elaborate. When she's going about her daily business, Victoria Beckham is impeccable, chic and — crucially — pretty much covered up. But get that woman in front of a camera and boom! The skirt and trousers are whipped off. Don't believe us? For further reading, please cross reference recent shoots at
Madame Figaro
and Elle France, with Karl.


Her new cover for the March '13 issue of
Elle UK
provides yet another example of Victoria's refusal to bow down to the conventions of skirt and trouser wearing, favouring instead a new season Burberry leather jacket and lace bodysuit.

Not that we mind, of course; we're talking about VB here, so the results of the shoot with Carter Smith are anything but trashy. Fashion is about self-expression, and if that means expressing yourself via a generous-cut pair of knickers then so be it.
What concerns is that by repetitively shunning trousers and skirts, we suspect Victoria hopes this look will catch on. Perhaps someone, possibly David, should have a quiet word with the lady and explain that despite her best intentions and relentless pouting, this is one trend that is unlikely to cross over to the fashion mainstream. A knickervention if you will. On second thought, given her husband's own propensity for posing in his underwear, maybe he's not the best man for the job...

Photo: Courtesy of Elle

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