Tavi Gives Stephen Colbert A Sexy Boy-Band Makeover

As you know, Stephen Colbert is pretty much a sex bomb. With that shoe-polish black Reagan-esque hair, a wardrobe of Brooks Brothers suits, and the rugged good looks of a Princeton Economics professor, the host of the Colbert Report is every woman's fantasy. But teen girls? Well, that's another matter entirely.
At 48, Colbert is a mature lady's dreamboat — a wine getting finer with age. To expand his audience to the profitable 12-to-18 market, though, he needed the help of the benevolent queen of stylish teens, Tavi Gevinson. During a cheery, enlightening interview on the Colbert Report, Colbert asked all the right questions, like, "When will you start achieving something?" or what her favorite Robert Frost poem was. In fact, the duo seem to get along quite well, with Tavi even offering Colbert his own column called, "You're Not Wearing That."
To cap off their meeting they decided to remake the host by crowning him with hair stolen from Harry Styles, tight jeans, and a puppy — kind of like our favorite photo, ever. The results, as you can see in the two videos below, will undoubtedly win him fans in the youth market. Well done, Gevinson (who is now the youngest person who has ever been on the show). Now, please get on to giving Jon Stewart a little Justin Bieber flair. He needs it, badly.

Video: Courtesy of Comedy Central


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