Jennifer Lawrence Sort Of Apologizes For That Meryl Streep Comment

This weekend, our favorite woman of the moment took some time out of her busy post-Globes schedule to visit the SNL studios, for her first-ever hosting gig. And, naturally, she let her comedic flag fly with some adorably hilarious skits — including a Hunger Games spoof (naturally) and a bit about a rapping radio intern. But, this time around, it was the opening monologue we were all ears for.
The young starlet addressed that awkward moment at last week's Golden Globes show, in which she exclaimed "I beat Meryl!" during her acceptance speech, and the result was...endearing? Awkward? We really can't decide. Lawrence explained that her outburst was actually just a quote from The First Wives Club (uh, duh), and that she totally loves Meryl just like the rest of the world — and then segued right into a full-on diss of all her Oscar competitors.
While Jennifer certainly has a flair for the funny ("Hey Quvenzhane Wallis, the alphabet called and they want their letters back!"), we're still stuck as to whether the First Wives Club reference was appropriate or not. Or, maybe we're just overly sensitive to any jokes at Miss Meryl's expense. So, help us out — watch the clip of her monologue below and tell us what you think. (E! Online)

Photo: Via NBC