Well, This Is Offensive: Tech Company Suggests Glee Makes You Gay

We have no problem figuring out those ubiquitous, so-clever Manhattan Mini Storage posters, but this Hulu/Roko ad outside of the Urban Outfitters on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue (R29 HQ's UO of choice) has us a bit confused. Jezebel ran a photo (above) tweeted by Julian Joslin , captioned "Who wrote this copy and thought, 'I know, we'll call our customers gay. Nailed it.'?"
We're not sure, but we're agreeing with Joslin — regardless of the intentions, it's hard not to read this and think A) Glee is a gay show B) Straight people don't watch Glee C) Anyone who watches Glee might think about hooking up with someone of the same sex D) All of the above. Not exactly the message Ryan Murphy was attempting to send with the show, based on everything we've read and seen. Anyone have an aerosol can handy?

Glee Photo: Via Fox; Hulu Ad Photo: Via Twitter.