Va-Va-Voom! Claire Danes Vamps It Up For Elle

Carrie Mathison (and the rest of the Homeland crew) may consume all of our thoughts/dreams/daily lives, but thanks to the newest issue of Elle, we're seeing her alter ego in a whole new (sexy) light. The Emmy winner (and new mommy!) is gracing the February cover and shedding her good-girl looks for something a little more, ahem, sophisticated — think less My-So-Called-Life-Claire and more Carrie-in-the-motel-room-with-Sargeant-Brody-while-the-CIA-listens-in-Claire. We, for one, think it's refreshing to see our favorite tomboy in all states of dress and undress.
Claire also, you know, gives an interview, discussing everything from her picture-perfect relationship with hubby and baby-daddy Hugh Dancy (cue the awww), and taking a huge shot of vodka after meeting the President. As it turns out, Obama is just as big of a Homeland fan as the rest of us. Click over to Elle to marvel at her sexy style, and here's hoping her next shoot features Mandy Patinkin.
Photo: Courtesy of Elle

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