Would You Pay $1,500 For This J.Crew Bag?

Yes, you're reading that right. J.Crew now has an item that requires a comma in the price. The brand's new Edie Alligator Bag, which is available only at its Madison Avenue flagship, rings in at a cool $1,500 — its first foray into such an elite price range.
Slightly less outlandish (and way more wearable) than the $2,400 Chanel hula hoop bag, the new Edie Alligator Bag is definitely J.Crew's toe-in-the-water for the luxury market. But, if Santa didn't give you a stocking full of cash for Christmas, you can opt for the python version, which will still set you back $795. What's killing us is that the Edie Alligator bag is actually really chic. We can see ourselves rocking it. We dig the sneaky blue strap. It's all so very painful.
We're happy to see J.Crew making its way into more luxe markets. The brand has always been our go-to for aspirational, yet wearable design — so, it makes sense to dabble in the high-end scene. But we want to know: Are you saving up for this reptilian masterpiece? Or has J.Crew gone J.Cray? (Purse Blog)
Image via Purse Blog

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