You’ll Never Guess Which Brand Came Out On Top In Holiday Sales

Target Christmas
The holiday season in NYC is all about one thing: shopping. From the moment the temperature dips below 60 degrees, your inbox (and mailbox, and wallet) are bombarded with Christmas "cheer" in the form of unbeatable deals (only to be beaten come December 26), special holiday editions, and approximately 70 versions of "Baby It's Cold Outside". But behind all the Hallmark goodness is, of course, a whole lot of cash. We got our hands on a list of all the top earners this season, surprises and underdogs not included.
Despite the fact that holiday sales this year hit lows comparable to the dark times of '08, there's still plenty of cash to be had for a select few. If you're thinking, "Oh, good! I'm so glad The Future Perfect is finally getting the mainstream recognition it deserves," think again. None of your favorite designers or most-beloved little boutiques will make this list of the top-dollar stores. Not that we're complaining — though we love our more secret, painstakingly protected spots, we'd be lost without the big chains for certain essentials from time to time. In retail, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Macy's all top the list while Kindle Fire, Beats by Dre, iPad and Barbies were among the top search terms for specific items.
Which item came in at number one on the most-searched list? Uggs, of course. After all these years, the much-debated fuzzy boots still hold a very dear place in America's heart. We heard their sales were way down earlier in the year, could this be the turnaround the brand needs to remain at the top of the typical girl's wish list?

Image: Courtesy of Target; Data: Courtesy of Experian Marketing Services