We Kid You Not, This A-List Teen Hit The Jackpot

When it comes to celeb children, many of those kids have an unfair advantage in the good-looks department. And, while fine-looking offspring are more common than parking tickets in L.A., it's those with killer style that send our envy meters into overdrive. Between Lily Beckinsale, Willow Smith, and Malia Obama, famous kids are not only inheriting their parents' great genes, but their sick fashion sense, to boot!
So, when we stumbled on these photos of Uma Thurman and her 14-year-old daughter, Maya, strolling around Aspen, we couldn't help but swoon. Not only did she snag her mama's stunning features, but she's got a bit of dad Ethan Hawke's influence peppered in, too. Naturally, we're loving her layered look. Maya manages to make that mature coat (a hand-me-down, perhaps?) more age-appropriate with a pair of combat boots, bright socks, and an adorable beanie. Seriously, we challenge you to find a teen who has made off better in the A-list brood lottery! (Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail