What You Need To Know About The MTA’s New Price Hike

Remember when a monthly subway pass was under $100? Well, those days are but a distant memory now. With yesterday's unanimous vote, the MTA plans on raising prices starting March 2013. Here's what traveling in NYC via public transit is gonna cost you: monthly passes are going from $104 to $112, weekly unlimited passes go up a dollar from $29 to $30 (though if you hang onto your old weekly, you won't be charged that extra dollar), and single rides are jumping to $2.50.
Though the increase in prices has been shopped around the block since October, it's likely that damage from Sandy was the nail in the train coffin (the hike is expected to rake in 450 million big ones for the cash-strapped MTA). What's the takeaway, you ask? Simply put, gettin' around is gettin' expensive. As for us, we're putting on our boots and getting ready to walk more this spring. Tell us, what do you think of the MTA upping the cost to travel? Sound off below! (NYTimes)
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Photo: Courtesy of MTA