This Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe Video Made Us Cry. And Vibrate With Joy

Do you experience FOMO? Then click away, because, friends, you have missed out. Apparently, this weekend, Hugh Jackman (a.k.a. Jean Valjean) and Russell Crowe (a.k.a Javert) have a massive sing-off, doing the epic Les Mis duet "The Confrontation," at Joe's Pub. Just across the street (basically) from R29 HQ. And we were not there.
Fortunately, we found some shaky webcam video of the incredible event, where Crowe's rock-and-roll roots are matched with Jackman's effusive musical theater background. And, oh, a confrontation happens. From trying to make the other one laugh to that iconic, "I AM WARNING YOU, JAVERT!" we feel seriously thrilled. And also disappointed. You should have let us know, guys. We won't forget this one. (IndieWire)

Photo: Courtesy of Universal