Repeat Offender! Nicki Minaj’s Copycat Blunder At The AMAs

nicki-julie-600Sometimes, red carpet repeats are PR stunts (we're looking at you, Kimmy K!), and sometimes they're purely accidental — and quite hilarious. At last night's American Music Awards, Nicki Minaj arrived on the red carpet in a chartreuse Monique Lhuillier frock. We were shocked, not only because the dress is mega-tame in terms of the Minaj outfit spectrum, but we thought her stylist would've remembered that Julie Bowen was the spitting image just two months ago in the same gown at the Emmy Awards. Well, not exactly ...
When looking at the side-by-side comparison, we can't help but be in awe of how a few strategic accessories and glam-squadding can totally transform a single gown. Minaj infused her over-the-top personality by adding statement jewels, a wild mane, and a Bubble Yum-hued pout. Meanwhile, Bowen and her stylist Tara Swennen let the dress do all the talking, opting for a simple half-up hairstyle and minimal add-ons.
Rather than ask who wore it best, we want to know whose take on the eye-catching dress is more your speed — the singer's wild way (albeit demure for her), or Bowen's casual-glam? Because, let's face it — both women rocked it!
Oh, and feel free to make your final decision after clicking over for an up-close view!
julie-600 Photos: Stewart Cook/Rex USA; Jim Smeal/BEImages