The Tears Just Keep Coming: A New Les Mis Trailer

It's getting to the point where just a snippet of any melody from Les Misérables is enough to make our entire office abandon work and gaze wistfully off into the distance. So, when this new trailer came out (or leaked?) last night, you can imagine things got pretty heavy pretty fast. This time around, there's still a strong focus on Hathaway, despite her character's short-lived role — a focus that some fans have taken issue with in the past. But there's also a lot more Cosette, and some very tantalizing sneak peeks of the ensemble battle scenes.
Of course, the producers clearly know that Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, as the Thénardiers are a major draw, which is presumably why they've been relegated to shadowy, tease-tastic moments in the trailers. Watch this latest installment in the hype series and tell us if you're still loving it or starting to get a bit nervous about this giant holiday blockbuster.