UPDATE: Boo! Sandy Washes Out Postpones The Village Halloween Parade

UPDATE: We just got news that the parade wasn't canceled, but just postponed until sometime next week. Mayor Bloomberg aptly pointed out the city just doesn't have the manpower to field the ghosts and ghouls, but some good news: The marathon is still on for Sunday. (WSJ)
We suppose it was inevitable given all the damage, the absence of electricity to power street lights and traffic lights in lower Manhattan, and of course the lack public transportation. But still, it was a bit of a letdown when we heard that the annual Village Halloween Parade scheduled for tomorrow was cancelled this afternoon.
The come-one-come-all parade that attracts tens of thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of spectators every year began 38 years ago, evolving from from a loose gaggle of unorganized, primarily gay Greenwich Village residents to a multicultural, mainstream event (some might say too mainstream).
Whatever you think of what it's become, you have to agree that the sight of New Yorkers marching down Sixth Avenue in costume in spite of all this destruction would have been galvanizing; a tribute to how this city manages to overcome disaster. Indeed, we expect to see some amateur marchers saunter through the Village tomorrow night for exactly that reason (alcohol might be involved, too, so stay safe, kids). Officially though, it's done for the year. (Village Halloween Parade)

Photo: Courtesy Village Halloween Parade