Kate Upton As Brigitte Bardot: Are You Buying It?

Another day, another Kate Update! Ever since the Sports Illustrated model danced her way into the hearts of millions, she's added a high-fashion Vogue spread, a Marilyn Monroe-inspired shoot, and the cover of the CR Fashion Book to her growing resume. It's obvious this girl gets plenty of beauty sleep, we'd just like to know when!
Although the issue has yet to hit stands, Upton gave followers a sneak peek of her latest V magazine gig via Twitter. One snap has the star practically bursting out of her bra (it wouldn't be an Upton shoot without the girls!), and the second gave us a serious case of déjà vu. Just like Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, and Lara Stone before her, Upton has gotten the Brigitte Bardot treatment. Based on just the headshot, we're thinking she nailed the sex-kitten vibe — she's got that pout practically down to a science, and those eyelashes seem to last for days. But, our fingers are crossed that the stylist paid homage properly with demure (yet sexy!), choices, not another bikini.
Bardot has been an inspiration to many as of late (who could forget Erin Fetherston's recent take at NYFW?) — but, do you think Upton can compete with the legendary French icon? Let us know your thoughts on the matter, below! (Grazia Daily)
Photo: Via Grazia Daily

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