Watch: Chloe Moretz Plays The Scariest Carrie We’ve Ever Seen

We're used to seeing Chloe Moretz looking anything but frightening — whether she's buttoned-up at Comic Con or crafty-chic at a premiere, she's usually the perfect picture of an up-and-coming star. Then, the first shot of the indie darling playing the maniacal high schooler Carrie surfaced, and we started quaking in our boots.
Now, the first teaser trailer is out for the horror remake, and we can safely say that Moretz has certainly stepped up her scare tactics. The short but not-so-sweet clip shows the fictional Chamberlain, Maine high school going up in flames, with a seriously disturbing shot of Carrie amidst the wreckage.
The flick will be out March 2013, and also stars Julianne Moore as Carrie's deeply religious mother. Check out the clip below, and prepare yourself not to sleep again, ever. (Just Jared)

Photo: Via Just Jared