Major! NBC’s Rachel Zoe-Inspired TV Show To Brings The LOLs

Breaking news: The Rachel Zoe Project hasn't been billed as a comedy this entire time! Although the reality series has provided nothing but countless laughs and insane "OMG!" moments, it looks like the Bravo hit has actually been a precursor to Zoe's latest endeavor, a scripted show.
The celeb stylist (who has since added the titles of author, designer, and mama to her résumé), has sold a fictional version of herself and Rodger Berman to NBC for a comedy that will surely be bananas. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the couple will executive produce the show, and the list of writers and directors on board is basically a who's-who of Hollywood, including folks from 30 Rock, Scrubs, and Animal Practice.
Yesterday, we speculated on who could fill Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe's shoes in the Just Kids adaptation. Now, we're placing bets around the office on who will play the role of the in-demand stylist and her guyliner-obsessed hubby. Who would you die to see take the leads, and will you be watching when the series premiere airs? (Hollywood Reporter)

Photo: Via Hollywood Reporter