RPatz & K. Stew To Star In Just Kids? We Think Hollywood Can Do Better!

Patti Smith, Twilight fan? It sure sounds like it. The queen bohemian is in the process of adapting her memoir, Just Kids, for the big screen, and she's already envisioning her ideal actors ... and they might just surprise you. The book was released nearly two years ago, and there's been nothing but buzz about the roles of Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe since the project was first announced. So, color us surprised when Smith revealed in a post-performance interview that she would audition Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as the young versions of she and her partner in the biopic.
Her reasoning is pretty spot on: Stewart is "not conventionally beautiful," and Pattinson is "a bit shy, and a bit stoic." However, she realized that she and the artists were unknown at the time, and it would be more fitting to cast a duo that didn't have the same sort of Hollywood recognition as RPatz and K. Stew. So, who else is in the running? She mentions Mia Wasikowska (and admits she cried during Tim Burton's version of Alice In Wonderland), and even suggests Saoirse Ronan. While both actresses would certainly do the part justice, we've also got a few recommendations: Emily Browning (who was encouraged to audition for the role of Bella), or up-and-comer Alice Englert. As for Mapplethorpe, couldn't you see Dave Franco or Jamie Blackley on set? With grown-out locks, of course.
If you were in a room with Smith, who would you propose for the lead? Think wisely, this flick has Oscar noms written all over it! (Vanity Fair)
Photo: Via Vanity Fair

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