Hilarious Prank Sets Out To Annoy The Sartorialist

It's no secret that The Sartorialist is, well, opinionated. Whether it's griping about European women or being extremely picky about who makes it in front of his precious lens, the guy's not exactly easy going. So, when we got word that a Vice magazine staffer showed up to his London book signing with the sole intent of messing with people, we couldn't help but be intrigued.
Nimrod Kamer, who has a penchant for being awkwardly hilarious, started off by harassing fans in line and yelling out hashtags. He then takes his act inside to ask The Sartorialist things like "Instead of signing the book, can you just mention me on Twitter?" Somewhat disappointingly, Schuman behaves like a pretty perfect gentleman, merely dismissing Kamer as a crazy nuisance. Watch ahead for a good laugh, and a lesson in keeping your cool. (Fashionista)

Photo: Via Fashionista