The Godfather Meets American Apparel In Photoshop Fail

Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 9.33.21 AM
Ah, Photoshop. You never fail to entertain. Whether it's missing arms and legs, impossibly concave tummies, or cover girls that look like anime characters, there's always something. Today, in the world of photo-editing mishaps, we explore the exciting territory of Horse Photoshop. American Apparel is currently running on ad on its website, simply titled "Lace," featuring a girl communing with her favorite horse (because everyone knows lace is the official fabric of horse stables). But wait — that's not a horse! Horses have bodies, and this one definitely does not.
Of course, it makes sense that the folks over at AA have decided to re-appropriate the beheaded horse scene from The Godfather, since many of the brand's products are an offer we just can't refuse. However, let it be known that we are outraged by the unrealistic body image this photo is instilling into the minds of impressionable teenage horses everywhere. (The Huffington Post)
imageUPDATE: Fashionista got in touch with American Apparel's creative director and it turns out it's an optical illusion. In the original photos with zero color retouching, you can see that the horse's gigantic body is somehow hidden behind a petite model. Okay, so maybe it's not any less weird, but at least it was an honest mistake.
Photo: Courtesy of American Apparel.

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