What’s Giving Amanda Seyfried The Creeps In This Vs. Photoshoot?

We think you'll agree that Amanda Seyfried has come a long way since her Mean Girl days. The doe-eyed darling's acting résumé runs the gamut (thrillers, musicals, HBO dramas), and it's obvious that this starlet's more than just a one-trick pony. So, imagine the confusion and head-scratching that ensued when we first laid eyes on her editorial with Vs. magazine. Clad in curve-hugging silhouettes, Seyfried plays a damsel in distress and we're not quite sure of the spread's message.
The shoot, of course, is nothing short of sexy — but it's her stare and that fear thats give us the creeps. If you can get past the shock-factor, the styling and photography are quite lovely (we've even added that purse to our wish lists!). But, we're having a hard time taking our eyes off of the death references and panic-stricken glances. The narrative is clear, and Seyfried appears to be in (sexy) trouble, and maybe that feels a little troubling. Tell us: Is this a magazine pointing out the frailty of the Hollywood starlet, or have we become so accustomed to it that violence no longer has the effect it should? Or is a little dramatic danger just what we need to get our hearts racing? We'd love to know...(Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail