Will Sienna Miller's New Role Ruffle A Few Feathers?

It looks like Sienna Miller has ditched her Chloé booties and signature waves for mid-heel pumps and a proper updo. But, before you update your Facebook status and text fellow boho Miller devotees, know that the retro look is for a role, not for real! (We're sure there's a legion of Factory Girl fans breathing a sigh of relief.)
In her latest flick, the Brit babe plays Tippi Hedren, star of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 hit The Birds. The short teaser was just released, and it focuses on the tense relationship that developed while filming the Hollywood classic. From the just-over-a-minute clip, we see that the director became so obsessed with his leading lady that their dialogue could've been mistaken for an actual Hitchcock script! Oh, and Mrs. Hitchcock stands in the wings, witnessing the whole thing go down. Talk about life imitating work, this off-camera romance is more suspenseful than North By Northwest, Rear Window, and Vertigo combined!
Will you be tuning into the thriller, or is this film for the birds? Either way, you're psycho if the vid above doesn't give you the heebie jeebies!
Photo: Via YouTube

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