Why So Boring At The VMAs, Katy Perry?

Last night's red carpet at the Video Music Awards wasn't the most exciting thing we've ever seen (lots of copycats — see 'em here). But still, we expect a little more from Katy Perry! First off, we're a little bummed to see that her red hair wasn't permanent. But what's with that dress? It's not hideously ugly or anything — it's just so blah, and slightly curtain-like. The train is lank and awkward, the pattern's a mess, and the front looks tattered. What happened to the girl who used to make waves with her crazy spandex outfits?
Don't get us wrong: We like the idea of a classier Katy Perry, who doesn't look like she just came from a rave. But this dress is not really doing it for us. She looks pretty, and that bod works it in just about anything, but this number doesn't do her any favors, (other than reminding us of Christina Aguilera in the Beautiful days). In fact, let's just make a note to all celebrities: Taking a regular piece of clothing and making it sheer does not automatically make it stylish. Sorry, Katy — we're not mad, just a tad disappointed!
Did you like her gown, or were you looking forward to something flashier?
Photo: Peter Brooker/Rex USA.

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