Does This Katie Cover Remind You Of Another Newly Single Leading Lady?

Just when we were about to give Elle the medal for perfect timing, it looks like our very own C Magazine beat them to the finish line. While the national glossy published its Katie Holmes cover mere days after her divorce announcement, it was actually C that got the scoop just 24 hours before.
The local mag admits to WWD that Holmes danced around the topic of Tom (not a single mention of her then-hubby!), and was hesitant to admit that Suri brought the couple closer together (“I don’t know. I mean…I don’t know. People have been having babies a long time.” Ouch!). But, if that scenario wasn't weird enough, here's another peculiar coincidence we didn't see coming: the newly single star's shot bares a striking resemblance to Demi Moore's W cover back in 2009.
Other than the obvious one-letter title similarity, the publications have nearly-identical typography, plus both actresses are striking blasé, sexy poses. Additionally, each speaks openly about the future of their acting careers, but very little on the subject of their high-profile relationships. Tight-lipped, indeed!
After seeing the side by side comparison, can't you imagine these solo celebs becoming fast friends? We just want to know: Will the man-bashing take place over pints of Cherry Garcia or Phish Food? (WWD, W Magazine)

Photos: Via WWD; W Magazine