Conde Nast Salaries Exposed: What Do You Think Of These Numbers?

Conde Nast is cut throat — or at least we’re led to believe so, given what we’ve seen from the likes of The Devil Wears Prada, and those infamous Conde Nast Elevator tweets. Vogue, Lucky, Vanity Fair — a girl would be mad not to wish to work at any of those, right? Well, maybe not. Sure, it sounds chic, and working with that many shoes is enviable, but is the salary quite so stylish?
From beauty babes to senior fashion eds, Fashion Etc did some major snooping to see just how much the CN staffers are earning. And the outcome? Well, let's just say Anna Wintour isn't too hard done by. We think we could manage the "hassle" of front rows and long haul flights for a nifty six figures. Note, employment perks and presents from Mr. Lagerfeld aren’t even included in the annual wage, so there’s a few extra $$$ in pocket money. "A million girls would kill for that job." The question is, would you? (Fashion Etc)
Photo: Via Fashion Etc

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