Lindsay Lohan & Terry Richardson Make Light Of Suicide, Nobody Is Shocked

With a car wreck and trip to the hospital under her belt (all in the last month), you'd think LiLo would lay low in attempt to stay out of the spotlight. But, no. BFF Terry Richardson is in town and you know what that means: Time to strike a (controversial) pose!
The starlet paid a visit to the Chateau (in what appears to be leftover makeup from a day of shooting Liz & Dick) to chain smoke, try on revealing lingerie, and — what's this? — hold a pistol to her temple? Yup, the former teenage drama queen was snapped with the deadly prop positioned to her forehead, mouth, and chin. Yikes.
The photos have since been removed, and your guess as to why is as good as ours. Perhaps Richardson realized the images were reminiscent of a past Lohan editorial with L.A. photog Tyler Shields. Or, perhaps, she came to her senses and requested that they be removed. Or perhaps (and we'll admit that this seems like the least likely option), the photog realized that shooting a troubled starlet in setups evoking, and making light of, suicide, is in extremely poor taste.
But no matter why they're now down, we can't say we're in the least bit surprised by the fact that they exist. If the pair really wants to shock us, try ditching the Parliaments and putting on some clothes. That'll do the trick, and much more swiftly. (Fashionista)

Photos: Via Terry's Diary; Fashionista