The Best 2010 NYC Restaurant Openings

Even for foodies like us, in the Big Apple it can be high-nigh impossible to keep up with the constant openings and closings of notable places to eat. And, unless you're Frank Bruni, how do you even know where to go? Who has the time to keep up with restaurant reviews, restaurant spin-offs, strict reservation policies, word of mouth, celebrity sightings...the list is endless enough to go the Kate Moss route. But c'mon, a lot of things taste better than being skinny, so we turned to Milk & Mode blogger Carol Han—her constant recipe postings and cooking tips make her a go-to for professional gals and guys who need the 4-1-1 on what's going on in the food universe. She's turned her gimlet eye on NYC's best restaurant openings of 2010, and we spot a common theme: Suddenly chefs and their restaurants collectively focused on careful sourcing, quality foods, and locally grown produce. Quietly, it seems, one excellent restaurant after another opened, making the superlative process a difficult job. Agree or disagree with Han's choices, but we guarantee reading her list will leave you hungry as hell.
And now for the gems that made the cut! Browse our slideshow and get your dialing finger ready—you'll want to start making those reservations like yesterday.

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