Lagerfeld Is Okay With Fur Because Animals Would "Kill Us If They Could"

The debate on the use of fur in fashion is not a new one, but Karl Lagerfeld's most recent defense is one that we've never really heard before. As reported in Fashion Telegraph, the Chanel designer likened the use of killing animals for fur to hunters, and justified killing them for clothing because otherwise "those beasts...would kill us if they could." (Cue the face palm.) In theory, perhaps, this might be a valid argument, but we can't recall the last time we were viciously attacked by a rabbit, mink, or chinchilla. And, quite frankly, we were a bit surprised to hear such an argument from such a devoted animal lover like the Kaiser.
The designer — who claims he personally does not wear fur — did make one interesting statement, according to the report, claiming that there's no point debating fur in a world where eating meat is widely accepted. Unfortunately, making excuses does not help get to the bottom on an issue. And, suggesting that animals are dangerous and therefore should be used for the sake of fashion is hardly a valid argument at all. Quite frankly, if Lagerfeld feels strongly about not wearing fur himself, we wish he would make a real statement by simply not including it in his designs and using his industry influence to better the process by which fur is obtained and used. We can't imagine that one single bunny will be up in arms about that. (Fashion Telegraph)
Photo: Via Fashion Telegraph

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