Meredith Wendell's Fall 2011 Bags Prove It's Hip To Be Square

Although the old saying goes that diamonds are a girl's best friend, we're more inclined to think that a good bag gets the title of BFF. Don't get us wrong, we certainly love the sparkly stuff, but our bags bear the brunt of our daily lives, whether they hold our bare necessities or are overstuffed with everything but the kitchen sink. No matter what kind of bag you like or how full you like to pack it, you're sure to find the right piece for your life in Meredith Wendell's fall 2011 collection. The bags come in an array of geometric shapes, from the large, square Quadrangle, to the cylindrical Duffle, and the small, rectangular "Frying Pan," and are made from luxurious Italian leather. Prices span from $220 to $1,905, with most of the bags hovering between $545 and $795, which is fairly do-able as far as luxury bags are concerned. Besides, with the quality of construction and materials that these bags pack, they're sure to be your bestie—or at least your Best Supporting Actress—for many years to come.

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