White-Hot: 10 Summer Buys In The Season’s Hottest Shade

We were trying to explain to a lovely English girl in Montauk over Memorial Day how excited we were that we could now officially wear white. Cue up look of utter astonishment followed by hasty exit to the loo when we followed up with the automatic, "But only 'til Labor Day!" Okay, so we don't have to play by the traditional American rules when it comes to seasonal dressing, but it sure is hard to un-forget Mom's head-shaking when we wanted to sport our creamy lace pinafore before the first long weekend of summer. Old-fashioned sensibilities or not, we're fully embracing our permission-slip to go wild with white. We're still on a spree, looking to brighten up our wardrobe with ivory, magnolia, vanilla, and more in every which way, from a tan-loving watch to some denim cut-offs begging to be paired with some neon! Sure, those blinding skinnies may get dirty—but you've only got three months left in 'em anyways. Rules are rules.
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