Cheap Challenge: Two Editors’ Bang-Up Outfits Under $50!

Oh, lovely we had expected, our introduction of the Cheap Challenge column elicited virtual whoops of approval...ahem, and some other comments, too. And being some of the most devoted bargain hunters you're ever likely to encounter (Salvation Army, Housing Works, KMart...bring it!), we're happy to present Round Two of our go at creating stylish (almost) head-to-toe outfits that cost less than $50. This time around, Refinery29's own Creative Director Piera Gelardi and New York editor Kristian Laliberte are facing off between the Goodwill and Forever 21 respectively. From Kristian's Canadian tux to Piera's Laura-Ashley-Hits-the-High-Seas look, you tell us: Who got the most dash for his/her cash?
Piera—Outfit #1: "The Goodwill in NYC is over-priced and picked-over, but if you can't make it out of the city, there are still some scores to be had. If you can (or if you live elsewhere), you'll be greeted with cheaper price-tags and more chances of finding that vintage Chloé or Burberry treasure (see Christene's Cheap Challenge for proof). I hit up the Goodwill on West 25th prepared to dig."
"This would be a great summer work look, but the dress would be perfect for the weekend, too, with some white Keds, a pendant necklace, and a floppy hat."
Kristian—Outfit # 1: "I didn't even know that Forever21 had a men's department (21 Men) before last week! It's pretty big, with lots of trends directly translated from the streets, so you can get that Barneys Co-Op look for a lot less dough. Our office is casual, so I could wear this to work, or over the weekend when I don't mind getting a little grass-stained. The contrast sunnies are great, because it doesn't matter if I lose them."
Piera—Outfit #2: "This is a good spring-summer weekend look for a daytime concert or a romp around the city. The silk scarf is my summer staple for adding a little bit of color to a simple outfit, and the Goodwill is practically overflowing with awesome options!"
Kristian—Outfit # 2: "I love me a Canadian Tuxedo, especially when it's lighter on top (my vintage belt helps breaks it up). The shirt is chambray, so it's extra light, and the jeans are good when you want that baggy-on-bottom, tight-on-top thing. Rolling 'em up and adding flip-flops makes it more playful."
Piera—Outfit #3: "This is kind of Laura-Ashley-hits-the-high-seas, but still 100% me. There's definitely a preppy-romantic world traveller vibe happening here with the striped T-shirt, the safari jacket, and the boho-printed skirt, which, by the way, will definitely make it into my summer wardrobe rotation."