L.A. Street Office Edition: The Best-Dressed On-The-Job

For those of us who have worked in corporate or creative offices, we know that getting dressed in the morning can be as tricky as asking for a raise. Whether it’s styling yourself for a big meeting, or picking something office-appropriate and cute for a casual Friday, there's always a fine line to tread between sporting a look that feels perfect for work and expressing your personal style—and can even make the rounds for a post-office-hours date. So, instead of issuing memos about what you should and shouldn’t wear to work, we asked the lovely ladies over at Popsugar, the online destination for all the best celeb-related news, to share their Monday through Friday outfits with us. Not only do we find their work incredibly entertaining, but also their outfits offer some seriously sweet spring inspiration, to boot.
Click through to meet the Popsugar team, and see what they're wearing this week at the office!

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