A Podiatrist’s Guide To Which High Heels Won’t Destroy Your Feet

comfortable high heels
When picking a shoe that won't eventually lead to club foot down the line, it's probably best to avoid high heels. But realistically, there's nothing like some height to really take your style to the next level, so the ladies at Fashion Pulse turned to podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine to figure out which heels are least horrible for crippling your toes. Unsurprisingly, wedges are best at evenly distributing pressure on your foot. More surprisingly, platforms are also decent, but only ones with a thick heel and solid base below the ball of your foot. Most importantly, choosing a shoe that fits your foot shape is key—and that doesn't mean ditching the designers. Prada makes chic wide shoes and Louboutins come in very narrow shapes. Dr. Levine also mentions that toe exercises also do a world of good, so go ahead and keep doing that weird thing you do by picking-up objects with your toes, or waddling around the house on your heels—it's good for you! (Fashion Pulse)
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