The 6 Best Juice Bars For A Summer Slim-Down

So, here’s the thing: We want to look and feel great with that whole swimsuit business coming up, but for some of us a purely liquid diet cleanse (you know, the whole water + cayenne pepper + maple syrup concoction?), just doesn't appeal. Seriously, have these people ever heard of hunger? Because when we get hungry, we are certainly not pretty, and isn’t that the whole point? Thank goodness we've found a less terrifying alternative! Juice. There’s nothing New Yorkers love more than quick-and-easy, and juice is by far the fastest way to get your five servings of fruits and veggies, and banish those love handles. Whether you’re looking to power-up in between meals, or to switch out that extra coffee break with a daily dose of nutrients through a straw, we’ve stockpiled our six favorite juice bars in NYC to get your summer slim-down on—sans starvation.