A Lesson In Peeing In Public From Zoe Kazan And Michelle Williams

You learn something new everyday! Though Michelle Williams wore gorgeous Chanel to walk the red carpet at the Meek’s Cutoff premiere yesterday, her co-star Zoe Kazan revealed something decidedly less glam to Stylelist about shooting the 1845-era period piece: The costumes the two wore while shooting allowed them to not only go commando, but also made it really easy to pee in public. According to Zoe, “You can wear no underpants and just squat and pee and that's really useful. You can do it in public and no one will see you. You go out into the fields and cop a squat under your skirt. It's true that's what the pioneer women used to do." Michelle confirmed saying she misses the luxury of being able to pee freely—you never know, maybe big skirts will make a comeback this spring?

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