Make The Ultimate Valentine's Day Cocktail

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we've been pretty concerned with our wardrobe and presents...anyone up for a bitch bear? But, V-Day is more than just flirty dresses and gobs of chocolate—hello, what makes a night go smoother than a little libation lubrication? And guys please skip the brewskis on the 14th; Instead turn up your cocktail game with a drink that's glam, sensual, and above all, special. To hook you up, we consulted the expert mixologists at Thom Bar, who shared their special Valentine's treat, a Rose Petal Lychee Bellini. A dangerous mix of the exotic and the alcoholic, this isn't your typical brunch bellini—an added punch of rooibos tea makes it extra potent. And we know Cupid likes potent.
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1.5 oz lychee puree
1.5 oz rooibos tea
2 drops of rose petal esscence
3 oz of Heidsieck champagne
Brew a 10 oz pot of rooibos tea for about 4 minutes
Allow the tea to cool for about 10-15 minutes
Once they tea has cooled add 1.5 oz to a mixing glass
Add 2 drops of rose petal essence
Add 1.5 oz of lychee puree
Gently stir the ingredients and add to a champagne flute
Top off with 3 oz of champagne or dry sparkling wine
Garnish with a single rose petal or orchid

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