McBitterson’s Valentine’s Cards Say Hell No To Sap!

It's winter, and by now you're missing your favorite street fair vendors and their irresistible handmade wares. McBitterson's is always our first fair stop, so here's a little morsel to tide you over until June. The last thing you need this Valentine's Day is a cheesy card that looks like it's been dipped in Pepto. McBitterson's cards are real, honest, and pretty darn snarky. All cards are printed on a 1960s letterpress, which is incredibly cool, and available for purchase through the McBitterson's website. Order quick, and you'll have something sweeter to give your sweetie than, lets say, nothing. We're partial to the ball-and-chain option, or perhaps the critter-clad version, which reads "some beaver loves you." And that would be true!