The Anti-Christmas Itinerary For The 25th

Just because Christmas may not be your favorite holiday, doesn't mean you have to feel like the Grinch when the big day rolls around. Whatever the reason may be for not celebrating J.C.'s b-day, we know NYC can feel like it needs a Prozac prescription this weekend. But fear not! You don't need to relegate yourself to re-runs of Law & Order SVU just about when Santa's coming down the chimney (though that does sound kinda good, right?). We've painstakingly scoured the city to ensure that the empty sidewalks will work to your advantage. So you better check yo 'self before you wreck yo 'self and peruse our guide to the best non-Christmas-related Christmas activities the Big Apple has on tap come Saturday!
Click through to scope out 6 Christmas day activities perfect for those who haven't tinseled their trees!

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