5 Wicked Winter Cocktails

A Refinery29 trick to fending off extreme weather: Seasonal libations. Summer, we swoon over mojitos. For fall, we faun over apple-tinis. So, as winter comes creeping in, we relish toasty drinks and naughty nogs. We've found our favorite cold-weather cocktails around town (and a sweet deal to brighten our post Daylight-Savings world!). Now, just to find someone to sip and snuggle with…
Death & Co.: Cure For Pain
Asking for a rum and diet at this LES outpost is akin to going to Seven for kitten heels. It just isn't done. Instead, take advantage of the old-school New York winter cocktail mastery and try the Cure For Pain ($13). A rye whiskey drink with vermouth, the wide-rimmed drink is softened by port and créme de cacao. For something sweeter, sip Flor de Jerez ($13), which is rum, sherry, apricot, lemon juice and cane sugar. Make sure to keep your eyes on the suspendered bartenders. They're worth the hangover.
Death & Co., 433 East 6th Street (between 1st Avenue and Avenue A); 212-388-0882.
Elsa: The Black Book
At this Alphabet City cocktail bar, the warm, cozy tables, soft-lighting and provincial parquet flooring makes us want to unbutton our mittens and settle in for the night. And the menu! We drew straws over the best seasonal drink, picking The Black Books ($10) because we didn't know bourbon, cinnamon, honey, and nutmeg were so complimentary, especially with a surprising kick at the end courtesy of the jalapeño. Runners up: The almond-y Suicide Song ($11) and the black pepper and vanilla taste of The Passenger ($12).
Elsa, 217 East 3rd Street (between Avenues B and C); 917-882-7395.
Aldea: Harvester
Airy and modern, Aldea is a good spot for those to look good while drinking well. Don't miss the Michelin-rated food, but while waiting for a table, sip the Harvester ($12). With a light apple brandy, Chai vermouth and a simple cider foam, you'll suddenly want all your libations orchard-themed. For Tarantino fans, try the Alabama Worley($12), named after True Romance's heroine, and like Patricia Arquette, "tastes just like a peach."
Aldea, 31 West 17th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues); 212-675-7223.
Huckleberry Bar: Ixcacao
Huckleberry is a summertime gem, with its trellis-heavy outdoor garden. But in the winter, the fire-in-your-belly drinks are enough to get us to this Williamsburg joint. We love the Ixcacao ($10), named after the Mayan goddess of chocolate (i.e. our fave deity). House-infused peppermint tequila, blood orange liqueur, and home-made hot chocolate make for a sweet treat (with a tiny kick at the end!). Think a melted Frangelico in a mug.
Huckleberry Bar, 588 Grand Street (between Powers and Maujer streets); Brooklyn; 718-218-8555.
The Hurricane Club: #16
Take a temporary break from the weather with the brand new Hurricane Club, a Polynesian-themed lounge straight out of South Pacific. Don't let the tiki and palm trees fool you; the #16 ($12) hibiscus and Cristal boat drink is traditionally served in the tropics at Christmas, and whiskey-based #46 ($12) expertly mixes seasonal flavors like mandarin and nutty, toasted rice for a mini Bora Bora vacay. Oh, if you are feeling particularly festive, get your group to sip the #440 winter cocktail ($46), with spiced Montecristo and ginger (and really long straws!).
The Hurricane Club, 360 Park Avenue South (at 26th Street); 212-951-7111.

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