8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Oct 06 2016

1. Major News: Legislators in Poland reversed their positions and voted against a proposal to completely ban abortion in the country.

The proposed law still has to be voted on by the lower house of Parliament, where lawmakers can either reject it entirely or send it back to a parliamentary committee for more consideration. But the prime minister says her party "is not working" on the ban. (NPR)

2. Here At Home: A federal government contractor was arrested and charged with stealing highly classified material.

The man arrested is Harold Thomas Martin. Among the classified documents found with him were six that contain sensitive intelligence — meaning they were produced through sensitive government sources or methods that are critical to national security issues — and date back to 2014. (Time)

3. World News: António Guterres, the former Portuguese prime minister, will replace Ban Ki-moon as the next U.N. secretary general.

All 15 ambassadors from the security council announced that they had agreed on Guterres, who was U.N. high commissioner for refugees for a decade, and that they would confirm the choice in a formal vote on Thursday. (The Guardian)

4. ICYMI: Chrissy Teigen switched her Twitter account to private, which means fans will no longer be privy to her musings.

The account is now protected, which means only followers confirmed and approved by Teigen can read her tweets. We can assume that husband John Legend, who has called his wife "literally the best person to follow on Twitter," made the cut. (Read More)

5. Real Talk: It looks like Bed Bath & Beyond might be doing away with coupons that never expire.

According to The Washington Post, in 2015, the company reported that these coupons caused a profit loss of $202 million. (Read More)

6. Truthbombs: According to researchers, humans' maximum lifespan will never surpass 115 years.

After looking at demographic data from the last century
, researchers think that human lifespan cannot exceed 115 years. A few rare individuals may surpass that limit, but on average, our species will not. (The Atlantic)

7. In-The-Know: U.S. traffic fatalities rose by an estimated 10.4% in the first half of 2016.

The sharp increase in deaths this year follows a 7.2% jump in 2015, when there were 35,092 traffic fatalities. For the first half of 2016, there were 17,775 fatalities on the road, compared with 16,100 over the same period a year earlier. (NBC News)

8. Lawyer Up: McDonald's workers plan to protest after a wave of sexual harassment claims.

15 distinct complaints have been filed over the past month against the company and its franchisees. Complaints have spanned eight states, fourteen franchise locations, and one corporate McDonald's location. Complaints provided to news organizations by Fight for $15, a fast food workers' rights group, paint a horrifying picture of the alleged harassment. (Read More)

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