Say It Ain’t So: Bed Bath & Beyond Might Be Ditching Its Coupons

Photo: Getty Images.
Everything about Bed Bath & Beyond coupons is amazing. Think about it: They mysteriously show up in your mailbox without you having to sign up for anything. They get you an impressive 20% off your entire purchase. They never even expire, as any smart shopper knows. If you've long thought these coupons are too good to be true, it turns out you might be right. It seems the home goods store recently discovered its coupons aren't exactly good for business. According to The Washington Post, in 2015, the company reported that these coupons caused a profit loss of $202 million. In light of that startling number, it looks like Bed Bath & Beyond might be, understandably, doing away with the coupons, as Business Insider reports. As a way to appease hard-core coupon fans, the store is testing what it's calling the Beyond Plus Loyalty Program. Customers will have to pay an annual membership fee of $29, and in exchange, they'll receive free shipping and 20% off every purchase. In theory, the loyalty program sounds alright. But the thing that doesn't really make sense is that Bed Bath & Beyond only plans to ditch the free coupons if this program does well. Hmm, perhaps the retail chain didn't exactly think this through?

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