8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Sep 14 2016

1. Major News: The U.S. Supreme Court struck down an effort to restore a week of early voting in Ohio, a critical swing state.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court refused to hear a case from Ohio Democrats regarding early voting regulations in the swing state. In one sentence, with no dissents, the Supreme Court declined to intervene, upholding the appeals-court ruling, which included a rollback of early voting days. (NBC News)

2. World News: Canada approved new drug regulations that permit doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical-grade heroin to treat addicts.

The move is seen largely as another step by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government in reversing the policies of the previous government. The ruling means that any physician can apply to Health Canada for access, under a special access program. (Washington Post)

3. In-The-Know: Russian hackers leaked the medical information of star U.S. athletes, including Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

The World Anti-Doping Agency said the attack targeted Simone Biles and other female members of the U.S. Olympic team who competed in Rio de Janeiro. The hackers leaked the records of the "Therapeutic Use Exemptions," which let athletes use substances that are banned if there is a medical need. (Read More)
Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images.

4. Real Talk: Edward Snowden argued that President Obama should grant him a pardon for leaking tens of thousands of NSA documents.

“I think when people look at the calculations of benefit, it is clear that in the wake of 2013 the laws of our nation changed. The [U.S.] Congress, the courts, and the president all changed their policies as a result of these disclosures," he said. (Guardian)

5. Fun Fact: Household income for American families grew 5.2% — the biggest one-year rise since 1967.

“It has been a long slog from the depths of the Great Recession, but things are finally starting to improve for many American households,” said Chris G. Christopher Jr., director of consumer economics at IHS Global Insight. (New York Times)

6. Weird But True: A group of Russian meteorologists has been trapped for nearly two weeks by polar bears.

The five meteorologists are trapped at a weather station 2,800 miles away from Moscow. The meteorologists were using flares to scare off the bears, but they've run out. Polar bears are common in the area, but their population has more than doubled in the last year. (NBC News)

7. Game Changer: Updating your iPhone to iOS 10 will finally let you delete almost all of the preloaded apps.

Go ahead and take the plunge. Gently press on the app you'd like to delete and then touch the "x" in the upper-left-hand corner. If you ever change your mind and have a sudden urge to check for due north, or you purchase an Apple Watch Series 2, you can easily re-download the apps from the App Store. (Read More)

8. Not An Onion Story: A woman hospitalized after eating Chipotle asked for burritos as part of her settlement.

Her choice has left some people, including her lawyer, pretty perplexed. "I have being doing these kinds of cases for 20 years and sued every restaurant chain you can imagine and I have never seen people willing to go back to a restaurant under those circumstances," he said. (Read More)

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