This Finding Dory Clip Might Signal A Disney First, Plus More Stories

1. Major News: South Carolina banned abortion after 20 weeks into a pregnancy — even in cases of incest or rape.

The law, which passed the state legislature last week, includes exceptions for cases in which the life of the woman is in danger or a fetus cannot survive outside the womb, according to The Associated Press. (Read More)

2. Lawyer Up: 11 states sued the Obama administration over its transgender bathroom policy.

The lawsuit accuses the federal government of using public schools as a “social experiment” and overstepping its bounds with orders to allow students to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. (Read More)

3. In-The-Know: A federal investigation found Hillary Clinton at fault for her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

An internal audit by the State Department found that Clinton disregarded guidelines about cybersecurity while in office as secretary of state. The audit faulted Clinton and other former secretaries of state for their communications practices. (Read More)
Photo: Na Son Nguyen/AFP/Getty Images.

4. Talking Points: A new study shows the effects of weight shaming start as early as the first grade.

For the study, published online this week in Child Development, researchers recruited 1,164 first-grade kids (via their parents) from 29 rural Oklahoma schools. They analyzed reports of the first-graders' popularity from their teachers, their classmates, and from the kids themselves. (Read More)

5. Real Talk: Adults ages 18 to 34 are more likely to live with their parents than in any other living arrangement.

While that might not seem like a huge leap, it’s pretty significant considering the last time this arrangement was the most common, it was 1880 — over 130 years ago. While living at home with your parents usually brings unemployment to mind, the lagging economy is only partially to blame. (Read More)

6. Tech Talk: A new wearable called the BACtrack Skyn can measure your blood alcohol level, like a breathalyzer.

The implications of this are tremendous. One of the biggest things I learned from testing out some portable breathalyzers was at exactly what BAC level I was pleasantly buzzed. By monitoring that level, I could better maintain that buzz without tipping into too-drunk territory. (Read More)

7. Equality FTW: Fans are hoping that this scene in Finding Dory shows the first ever Disney-Pixar gay couple.

The scene in question? We see two women standing close together outside an aquarium. Yep, that's pretty much it. So, we're not going on a lot here, people. But as pathetic as it is that a brief animated depiction of a lesbian couple in a children's movie would be an event, it is indeed a big deal. (Read More)

8. A-List: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are getting divorced.

Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, according to documents obtained by TMZ. The filing came Monday, with Heard citing irreconcilable differences. The couple have been married since February 2015. Depp’s mother died May 20, just days before the divorce filing. (Read More)

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