These Are Our Favorite Apps Right Now

Like peeking into a purse, glimpsing at someone's smartphone homescreen shows what they care about, how up-to-date they are on the latest trends, and how organized they are. But it's not static — you can always change it up.
We think it's a good idea to refresh that homescreen every once in a while to reflect the evolution in your app-using habits. So each month, we're presenting you with what our homescreen looks like. These are the apps that we are using, loving...and maybe a little obsessed with. Some may be old staples, such as Netflix or Twitter, while others are apps that just launched in the App Store this week.
And while the screenshots are of the iOS version, most of these apps are available on Android and Windows Phone, too.
Ready to give your home screen a facelift (or just check out what will be rocking our world in August)? Click ahead for Refinery29's favorite apps.

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