Meet Your NY Editor: 10 Things To Know About Annie

Hey guys! While I'm no longer brand-spankin' new, the New York channel has kept me as busy as can be. But I finally found a moment to properly say hi. And what better way to introduce myself than a Top 10 list? Here are the 10 fun things you don't yet (but totally should) know about me! And hey, if you feel inspired, maybe you want to share a few of your own deep, dark secrets in the comments?
10. The first thing I ever had published was poetry (in high school), and I was an English major with a creative writing concentration for poetry in college (in case you want to check up on it, my thesis is in the Columbia library).
9. If I could raid anyone's closet, it would be Alexa Chung's for everyday wear and Diane Kruger's for nighttime glam.
8. Despite having a voice that friends rave is "really bad.... no seriously, stop," I was in a muscial improv-comedy group in college.
7. I hate those synthetic blankets and hate touching them — when I do, I pretty much feel like I don't have hands. I know, it's weird.
6. With favorites like The Goonies, and Empire Records topping my movie list, I'm like a minor-league cinephile.
5. I know how to do tricks on the flying trapeze.
4. I love sour candy and reality TV and dancing and cereal and free swag and Ryan Gosling — and this is the girliest (true) sentence I've ever written.
3. This season, I'm really into pleated skirts and textured shorts for winter, I wear at least one thrifted piece almost every day, and I've traded in my riding boots for low-heeled booties (my newest Dolce Vita ones are SO comfortable)!
2. One of the checks on my bucket list is to one day write a children's book — I've already got one started called I Lost My Giant, and the rough draft is hanging above my desk.
1. I first started working for Refinery29 when I was 18, when I was cast as a web-show host, interviewing fashion influencers in their closets.