The New Trend Bringing Balance To Your Wardrobes This Summer

Achieving the perfect work-life balance has always been tricky, but its safe to say that the lockdown period has made it damn near impossible. With many of us working from our bedrooms, kitchen tables or sofas, the idea of 'switching off' at the end of the day seems to be evading many of us. However, one way that we are hoping to restore a sense of balance to our homes this summer, is through our wardrobes.
Dating back to the third century BCE, the concept of yin and yang has stood as a fundamental philosophy in Chinese culture for thousands of years. The principal, which is shown symbolically as a black and white swirling circle, explains the concept of duality and the power that can be found when contrasting sides connect. As per the philosophies teachings, Yin is seen as the feminine, softer, darker pole with Yang seen as the masculine, harder, lighter pole.

Though the symbol pre-dates the fashion industry by centuries, the sign is often associated in fashion circles with the hippie movement of the 1960s or the 1990's grunge scene. From being adorned on tie dye tees to being attached to choker necklaces, the symbol has been interpreted stylistically throughout the decades as a representation of wholeness and unity as an identifiable image for life's negative and positive experiences.
Stepping forward to 2020, the symbol seems to be inspiring designers once again, with a variety of summer collections from big names brands like Paloma Wool, Staud and cult jewellery retailer July Child putting the black and white image and its philosophy front and centre. Whether it be a pair of two tone mules or a a chunky pendant ring, yin and yang symbol is the sign of the summer.
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