How To Get Yellow In Your Home Without Going Overboard

Designed by Olivia Santner
Yellow is the little colour that refuses to quit. Despite being notoriously difficult to wear, we have persisted, and Gen Z yellow has, against the odds, become the colour du jour – making its way into our wardrobes, our makeup, our thinkpieces and now, our homes.
But how to incorporate yellow into your home without it looking like a Minion threw up in your living room?
Well, the key – as always – is moderation. Maybe, instead of the whole room, just one wall needs a lick of yellow paint? And maybe, instead of banana yellow, that yellow is mustard, or ochre? Perhaps it's a series of accessories that add light and playfulness to a collection of darker, heavier objects. Perhaps you just throw caution (and your savings) to the wind and purchase yourself a giant velvet yellow sofa? Whatever you do, yellow is a great way to get some much-needed sun in our home lives as the colder, gloomier weather sets in.
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