This Is How Many Weddings Are Being Postponed Until 2021 (& What They Might Look Like)

Photographed by Anna Jay
More than three-quarters of couples are rescheduling their wedding due to coronavirus, according to a new survey.
And nearly half (44%) of couples who've chosen to postpone their big day have opted for a date in 2021, the survey by Hitched found.
Just 11% of couples whose wedding is due to take place before the end of July said they're intending to stick to their original date in case the government's social distancing rules are loosened in time.
Wedding planning website Hitched predicts that weekday weddings will become more popular in 2021 as Saturdays get rapidly booked up with rescheduled weddings from 2020.
Their experts also predict that outdoor weddings will become a hot trend as couples try to maintain social distancing on their big day.
Other possible ways of maintaining social distancing include elopement-like "micro weddings" with a very limited number of guests and "shift weddings" where one group of guests arrives as another leaves.
In addition, Hitched predicts that venues will try to set up "satellite dance floors" so as many guests as possible can enjoy the wedding disco without getting too close to one another.
Couples could also choose to make gloves and face masks part of the dress code on their big day and incorporate regular hand sanitising into proceedings.
It's expected that plated meals will become more popular than ever as couples avoid buffets where guests are more likely to mingle.
Virtual weddings are also poised to become more popular, especially if friends and family members live in a different country and feel uncomfortable with the idea of boarding a plane.
"Although the impact of Coronavirus on weddings has been huge, it’s been incredible to see how many of our couples and vendors alike have risen to the challenge - going above and beyond to find new dates and incorporate health and safety measures into the big day," said Sarah Allard of Hitched.
"If living through a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how much we value our loved ones, and how important it is to celebrate the true meaning of marriage. This sentiment is going to shape how couples approach wedding planning for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, with a focus on quality time together and meaningful touches."