This Is What An Average Wedding Costs In The UK – & In Other Countries

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The average cost of a wedding in the UK is higher than in France, Portugal and many South American nations, but lower than in the US, Spain and Italy, according to a new report.
The 2019 Global Wedding Report found that the average UK wedding costs £14,740 – around 50 percent lower than the £22,419 that couples in the US spend on average.
Couples in Canada tend to spend slightly more, too, with the average wedding there costing £16,814.
It's worth nothing that these figures exclude the cost of rings and a honeymoon.
The 2019 Global Wedding Report polled 20,000 copies from 14 different countries worldwide, so its sample size is actually pretty extensive.
It found that couples in the UK spend the longest planning their wedding – 15 months, compared to 14 months in the US, and 11-12 months in some other Western European countries.
The most popular month for a wedding in the UK is September – the same as in Spain, Portugal and Italy, though couples in France tend to favour a June or August wedding.
Whereas 53 percent of couples in the UK and 67 percent of couples in the US seek the blessing of the parents, just 8 percent of couples in Italy and 9 percent in Spain say they ask for permission.
Interestingly, a wedding in Spain is most likely to have an open bar, while a wedding in the UK is most likely to have a champagne toast – and let's be honest, we'll drink to that.
Below, check out the average cost of a wedding worldwide, according to the 2019 Global Wedding Report.
1. United States, £22,419
2. Spain, £17,970
3. Italy, £17,275
4. Canada, £16,814
5. United Kingdom, £14,740
6. France, £13,513
7. Portugal, £12,822
8. Mexico, £6,602
9. Peru, £5,911
10. Chile, £5,681
11. Brazil, £5,067
12. Argentina, £2,840
13. Colombia, £2,533

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