I Get Paid To Dance With Men — & This Is How Much I Make

With our sugar baby interviews, we've chatted with women (and men) on the periphery of the sex industry. While these choices can be controversial, they do show how some women make the money to live the lifestyles they want. In today's interview, we interview a 27-year-old aspiring sugar baby who makes her money as a hostess at a dance club.
So, tell me about yourself.
"I didn't go to college, so I don't have a degree, and I've just been trying to make whatever work. I found a good catering job that paid more than minimum wage, which was great, but I didn't want to stay out in the suburbs living with my parents. I grew up outside of Los Angeles, and I've always wanted to live in Los Angeles. It's my favourite city in the world. Then 9 months ago, I lined up a catering job in the city, so I decided to move.
"As soon as I got here, though, everything fell through and I had to really quickly figure it out. The one thing everyone told me about moving to LA is that if bad things start happening and you let it get to you, you’ll just end up back where you started. I’ve had friends who tried to move out, but as soon as they lose their job or apartment, they just end up back home. I didn’t want the city to chew me up and spit me out."
What did you do then?
"I went on Craigslist. I knew that sugar baby gigs existed, but I just didn’t know how to get there. So I figured I’d go on Craigslist, find a job, and get to that later. So I found an ad for dance hostesses, and at first I thought I might actually have to end up stripping. But the ad only said that you hang out and wear your own clothes. It wasn’t very specific. That’s when I found hostess clubs."

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