Decide Which Reusable Water Bottle Is The Best For You

Right, that's it. You there, with the disposable water bottle in hand. It's time to put it down, once and for all.
We've known for years that plastic water bottles are a bad habit we need to kick to prevent them from adding to the already horrendous amount of plastic polluting our earth, but over the past few months, the campaign to stamp out plastic bottles has ramped up a gear, culminating in last week's news of a study which found microplastics in supermarket bottled water - suggesting it's something we've been ingesting as well.
It's time to get yourself a re-usable plastic water bottle. And stat. But there's a lot on offer; which one to choose? To make sure you get the right one for you, we got team R29 to try out a whole bunch then rate them on weight, taste, looks and more so you can make an educated investment.
Click through to see which ones we rated.

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